Deadline for Registration Is April 20th 2020

Vendor Rules and Regulations

1. All Items should be Motorcycle Related, Handcrafted, Unique Collectables, or Food items. Vendors that provide a service will also be considered. In order to keep a level of quality and value we reserve the right to exclude items perceived to be of questionable value.

2. Applicants must provide all elements to create their booth Space including Tables Chairs Canopies etc. The SWVBR supplies the physical space only according to what is ordered and reserved for you. Additional adjoining spaces are available upon request and All Spaces are assigned.

3. Vendor is responsible for setting up their booth in the provided timeline and are responsible for leaving their area litter free and same condition as they arrived. A $25 Cleaning Fee will be charged for all spaces left unkept.

4. Booth Set up is Thursday May 21st at 9am, Premium and Specialty Spaces noted on Festival map are available for Wednesday set up (Only As Noted). Vendors are responsible for securing their booths for the overnight and off festival times.

5. Booths cannot be dismantled until 12pm on Monday unless prior approval is arranged with the Festival Staff.

6. Vendor Space Fees are as follows:

• Non Profit Organizations Space $50.00

• 10 x 10 w/o Electric - $200.00

• 10 x 10 w/Electric - $275.00 110vt 500 watt service (Non Food)

• 10 x 20 w/o Electric - $275.00

• 10 x 20 w/Electric - $325.00 110vt 500 watt service (non food)

• 20 x20 Food Vendor w/Electric - $375.00 220vt Dedicated Service

• Water Hookup only Self Reclaimed Required $35.00

The SWVBR is not responsible for loss damage theft, or acts of nature, security will be supplied for these times. Signing of the vendor application serves as confirmation of vendors agreement to these terms.

Vendors not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave and will forfeit all vendor fees.

All question should be directed to the Festival Vendor Coordinator –

Jim Campbell – 928 273-1819 –